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Why beIN?com… The main purpose of beIN is to create opportunities for skilled and talented individuals to find other individuals in the same field, providing a place where they can brainstorm, work together and help each other on the way to achieve something they can be proud of and carry into the future. beIN also intends to provide the missing link between potential employer and employee. Both parties deserve to be able to select from the best in the market. beIN is designed for people not agencies.

beIN is connecting… beIN.com ‘The Working Playground’ connects people & businesses through their skills, talents and interests. We give a unique opportunity to those who works hard and would like to be successful in their professional life by creating and providing unique online services that help professionals to find right individuals and businesses to work and brainstorm with.

Who is IN? Everyone can beIN. We truly believe that everyone has the power to express themselves in their unique way. However, the fact is that it can be very difficult to improve your skills if you don’t know anyone who does them. So, beIN is for everyone who would like to learn or help and inspire others on the way to success. It is also for everyone who wants to do what they love and are wiling to work hard to achieve that.

Looking for Skills and Services? When we need services we are looking for the best. beIN gives you unique chance to base your selection not only on promising CV or Portfolio but also on the reviews written by existing customers. However, if you are still struggling to choose the best of the best you have the opportunity to easily contact everyone and find more about their personality, terms or whatever is related to your needs and final decision. You can also create the jobs opportunities and wait for the services providers to approach you.

Got skills? Offering services? Show the world what you can do by creating your services/portfolio listing for free. We recommend that you invite your existing customers so they provide you with honest review. This will enhance your chance to be contacted by potential customers. You can also bid on the job opportunities by providing the employer with information about the timescale and the cost for the project. Note that only those who have best portfolios and reviews win!

Something else? Yes! We share the same goal… to create our own and trusted professional network with career opportunities coming every day. This can be achieved by what was already mentioned above and also by completing your connect profile. Only after that users with the interest in your skills or services can find you and connect with you. As soon as this happen you can just brainstorm, get inspired and one day even work together! Together we will achieve more!

Our goal: Our main goal is to create opportunities for skilled and talented individuals to find others of their type, a place where they can brainstorm, work and help each other on the way to achieve something they are proud of and ideally could live on. beIN.com is the missing link between the potential employer and employee. Both parties deserve to be able to select the best and avoid the worst to work with!

We used to be “The Working Playground”? Why? Well, there are quite few reasons and here are some of them: : our profession should be something we love to do. So it is a pleasure not just work – this is The Working Playground! : we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we are serious about our business! : it is important to work hard but we shouldn’t forget to play hard too!

We know you are IN! But where? We prefer to say that we are based online which means that we are always close to you, but if you really want to know we are located in great and sunny town, Brighton, UK.

Who is behind beIN.com? beIN.com was founded by myself and is run by our amazing, skilled and talented beIN Team.

For your beIN Honza Founder & CEO of beIN.com You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn

PS: We, beIN team are listening. Please, tell us your ideas and suggestions and we will do as much as is in our power to improve and expand beIN in the way you want!


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